The NOEL Foundation

Noel de CaprioThe NOEL Foundation
The NOEL Foundation was created to commemorate the extraordinary life of Noel de Caprio. Faced with spectacular success and frightening challenges, Noel always maintained a creative, courageous approach to life. Faced with obstacles or told that “things look bad”, she would smile and politely ignore the message. Regardless of the situation, she had an uncanny ability to turn disaster into opportunity. Her inspiration remains. Her charm still lingers. Her presence is missed. And so, to encourage that same, slightly irreverent behavior in others and to ease the financial pressures that usually accompany the physical realities of living with cancer, The NOEL Foundation was founded. We help cancer survivors with quality of life issues. This is a local foundation that helps within this community. We have a volunteer board and all monies donated find their way to people who need our help.

In a medical setting that sometimes loses humanity in the interest of expediency, b.wëll seeks to bolster spirit and encourage strength. b.wëll’s immediate concerns are the physical changes that often occur during treatment. Our staff are experts in the design and care of wigs, and can also help with skin care and makeup to minimize the obvious signs of treatments. b.wëll also offers wellness services that have proved to be effective allies during treatment. It is our profound hope that b.wëll will someday be out of business. For information concerning our work…203.321.1469 x339.