Go Back To School with…Clear…Acne Free Skin!

Dr. Dennis Gross

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August 21, 2018

Experience a complimentary 30 minute session to jumpstart the school year…
a deep cleansing & treatment for acne prone skin
information to help maintain clear skin all year long!

Remove impurities & clarify pores for blemish-free skin
with the most gentle, yet potent, ingredients that fight breakouts on every front—
excess sebum, skin cell build up, inflammation, & bacteria.

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Featured Products used during your session at Noëlle…
Clarifying Colloidal Sulfur Mask, Acne Medication

CLARIFYING COLLOIDAL SULFUR MASK // A creamy mask that minimizes the appearance of pores, dissolves blackheads, heals breakouts, and absorbs excess oil to fight acne and enlarged pores – without drying skin.

DRx Acne Eliminating Pads

DRx ACNE ELIMINATING PADS // A daily acne treatment in a pre-soaked pad that combats acne and inflammation – to fight and prevent breakouts and help fade acne marks.

All-Over Blemish Solution

ALL-OVER BLEMISH SOLUTION // A silky, salicylic acid acne treatment that fights blemishes and blackheads without drying or irritating skin.

Pro Facial Steamer

PRO FACIAL STEAMER // Look like you’ve spent a weekend at the spa in only 9 minutes. This professional device delivers micro-steam technology to infuse skin with hydration, clarify the complexion, and detoxify skin, leaving an immediate healthy radiance. No pamper routine is complete without it.

DRx SpotLite™ Acne Treatment Device

DRx SpotLite™ ACNE TREATMENT DEVICE // SpotLite™ helps you achieve clearer, calmer, acne-free skin within days. This FDA CLEARED acne spot treatment device harnesses the power of medical grade blue and red LED light technology to rapidly reduce inflammation, redness, and acne. The small, compact design can be used anywhere to treat one or multiple breakouts. SpotLite™ on. Breakout gone!