“…maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store…”

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“…maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store…”

“…maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store…maybe Christmas means a great deal more…” — the Grinch

Whenever we are struck with a sentiment, we are fond of saying in jest, “…it’s a good thing that we are not emotional…” The truth is that the slightest nod sets us off and indeed our emotions are on high alert at this time of the year.

A dear friend of mine goes to stores that have Lay-A-Way programs and offers to pay the balances on gifts for people she will never know. She does it un-announced and un-heralded. She does it for the sheer joy of doing something that grows her heart. She stirs my emotions and inspires my thoughts.

As we cozy into our eves and brighten into our days, remember and hold dear these emotional rises. They hold lessons that are as undeniable as a child’s trust…

To give is better than to receive.
No matter how tough we think we have it, we are the lucky ones.
Our abundance comes with a responsibility to share.

Remember especially that feelings can’t be bought nor can they be sold. But they are there for the taking and they do mean a “…great deal more…”.

Whatever your holiday, hold the idea of it sacred and share it’s meaning with your family and friends.

…merry all…jingle and joy…peter


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