Fire, what fire?

Posted on Dec 18, 2012 | Comments Off on Fire, what fire?

Fire, what fire?

…so a phone conversation between myself and Gloria Gacher, Human Resources Director at Noëlle, was left hanging when she, without missing a beat, told me she would have to call me back as there was a fire in one of our wax rooms…what? what? what? I was forty miles away doing personal errand-catch-up after a month loaded with storm control, turkey control, construction control, and other various craziness that seems to rear up around our end of year holidays…then the wait…and the thoughts…and the wait…and the sweat beads began their race down my back…what? what? what?…then the update.

All was under control? So why do I hear sirens in the background? Well, the fire departments are here, yes, but Nadia Tudurof, esthetician extraordinaire had the presence of mind to unplug the wax pot that started the fire as the flames forced her out of the room…what a great little maneuver…and Jason, my quick-thinking son, had grabbed an extinguisher, cautiously opened the door to the smoke-filled room and actually brought the fire under control. Donna Scannapieco, Operations Director, Gloria Gacher, Human Resources Director, Jeannine Molle, another of our extraordinary estheticians, and Jennifer Kotz, Desk Manager made sure that everyone was out of every spa room, the staff room, and our various second floor offices…and our clients were being cared for with blankets, robes, & well wishes by our entire staff in the parking lot as firemen rushed in to secure our beloved building and our beloved business.

This news was delivered as matter-of-factly as though it happened every day and as the tale was being told, it occurred to me that crisis, even as scary as it can be, is also a wonderful gift. These out-of-the-ordinary circumstances challenge us and within those challenges lie our best moments…to react positively in situations such as these and do the right thing oftentimes occurs to us without much thought…it is just who we are…and who we are as a team and a company…and as the family of Noëlle, we are actually quite brilliant together…iconic and worthy of our great history and reputation…pride in being a part of such an incredible group of people brings me rewards beyond measure and to quote a phrase from another time so fitting in this time I am proud to say…”fire, what fire?”.

I thank all involved…our clients, the staff, our local firefighters, and our heroes…for a day that has once again reinforced my notion that Noëlle is and always will be the only place to be.

— Peter de Caprio, Owner, Noëlle Spa for Beauty & Wellness