Noëlle Powers Earth Day with Technology

Posted on Apr 24, 2014 | Comments Off on Noëlle Powers Earth Day with Technology

Noëlle Powers Earth Day with Technology

Hair color has long been an exclusive and closely guarded skill that has historically defied attempts to codify its secrets. Into this world stepped a technology-based company, SureTint, claiming not only an ability to codify but also to substantially reduce the amounts of color used in the pursuit of a guest’s desired look. When presented with these claims, Noëlle was skeptical at best…in truth, some downright derision was heard. However, the concept was beguiling. Could it be possible to reduce waste and guarantee repeatability? Could Pandora’s Box be opened with a touch screen? The company became interested. The question became, would our colorists, the absolute best team in the area, would they support a move into such uncharted waters? They had their reputations and their guests to consider. To their ever-lasting credit, they voted “…yes…let’s try it…” A trial run was approved by every one of the Noëlle Color Team and SureTint made its debut here on Earth Day 2014, an auspicious date and everyone knows how Noëlle loves auspiciousness.

So our color dispensary has sprouted three touch screen pads which store, track, and measure our color guests’ formulas, usage and preferences. Once installed, everyone in the company crowded into the area to watch the screens, glowing with an internal pride, usher us all into a new era. Serena returned from applying color to her first guest with two empty bowls…”…it was perfect…nothing left…”. The look of amazement told a great story. Stephanie immediately understood the implications of the system beyond color and applied the technology to her keratin-straightening formulas. Bill, the patriarch of the department, took to the system like a high-schooler with a new smart phone.

We are proud to be an early adopter of SureTint. The company thanks Jason for first championing the idea, the entire color department for supporting this initiative, and Bill Deliman and his SureTint team for developing such a momentous tool.

Noëlle is especially proud of this opportunity to contribute to Earth Day in such a meaningful and far-reaching way.