Introducing Géto Supreme Cream from Cinq Mondes


GÉTO, a plant native to Okinawa, belonging to the ginger family, it is THE secret of Okinawa’s very large population of centenarians—the miraculous anti-aging plant! It is at the core of eating habits and beauty rituals of the population on this island.

Organic Géto Extract, concentrated in the 1st formula patented by Cinq Mondes, is high in multiple polyphenols, allowing it to be prodigiously effective in protecting the skin’s youth and promoting cell regeneration. The skin’s firmness, density and elasticity are restored, while radiating an infinite glow.

3 active ingredients working in synergy with Géto extract for complete prevention and correction of all signs of aging:
A complex of Amino Acids & Silk Proteins: strengthen the skin
Hyaluronic Acid: deep hydration
Wakame extract: anti-free radical

Now available at NOËLLE