wigs-orchidAt Noëlle there is a special room, unique in its use and dedicated in its purpose.

This is the Noëlle Care Room. This is where Patty Coppola, a very special person, meets with anyone concerned with hair loss and the options available to deal with that loss. Patty is a veteran of this effort with thirty years of experience dealing primarily with cancer survivors in need of a wig.

The Noëlle Care Room is a private room. Consultations take about an hour. Patty uses the time to listen to individual concerns, showcase wig styles, and match the concerns with the most flattering styles. There are many types of wigs… synthetic, human hair, machine made, hand made… and Patty is brilliant at choosing the right one for each of her guests. She recommends wigs that are easy to wear and easy to care for.

“To me, the best compliment I can receive is seeing my guest leave my room, confident in her look. That is at the heart of what I do.”

Patty Coppola is available for consultations at Noëlle or at home or any other place that is convenient for her guests. To arrange a consultation, please call the Noëlle appointment line at… 203 322 3445.